Cycling Trips


Cycling Opts2


Whether it’s a half day ride or a week long trip, cycling in Dali is a wonderful way to see the scenery and¬†experience¬†the culture!

Cycling Trips:

  • Half day XiZhou Trip
  • Half day Temple Ride
  • Full day Temple and Tunnel Ride
  • Full day ErHai Lake Loop
  • 2 day Village ride / Village House stay
  • 2 day ErHai Lake Loop
  • 3 day BinChuan Loop
  • 4 day WeiShan, MaAnShan Loop
  • 5 day ShiMenGuan, ShaXi, JianChuan Loop
  • 7 day BinChuan, ChengHai, LiJiang Loop
  • 7 day GuanPing, FengWeiDong, YangBi X-Ride see pictures