Groups 1

Groups 2

We have lots of great ideas for groups of all sizes and interest!  Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work together with you for the perfect experience!


A few ideas:

  • Any combination of activities to meet group needs
  • Multiple day events with meals provided
  • Events with an overnight at a village house
  • Group outings ending with brick oven pizza at SleepyFish

A few more ideas:

    • All day Rock climbing/Rappelling/ Hike 
    • Full Day CangShan Hike
    • Two or Three Day CangShan Summit Hike/Camp (if you are fairly athletic)
    •  Full day Cave/hike
    • Full Day Bike Ride/Hike
    • Full day ErHai Lake ride
    • Two Day ErHai Lake ride/Camp
    • Full Day Flower Valley Hike
    • Two Day Flower Valley Hike/Camp
    • Two Day Cave/Hike/Camp
    • Week long CangShan/Hike/Camp


      For a look at these trips check out our Pictures here!